Jumat, 25 Agustus 2017

2011 on the horizon, flying already towards 2012

Fly. To come and go, to move through the air holding us with our wings. Do things lightly. Spend time very quickly. Feeling good.

Sometimes we enter houses where the roof falls on us. Something there imprisons us. We want to leave. In others, on the contrary, even in the coldest winter, we feel that the sun warms us and that light floods us.

When we enter someone's home we are entering the most intimate of their worlds. How is it possible then to have the audacity to design or intervene in the house of someone you do not know? The experience helps you to get away with those tasks but interestingly the history of architecture has been forming houses that the architects did for themselves, for their parents or even for their lovers. And those yes that went well for them.

Any of us can have a beautiful home but transform that space into a home is not always within everyone's reach. Because flying is that. I said it in the first paragraph: feeling good.